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4 things you need to know about a Vegan Raw Food Diet

There are so many diets, fads and crazes available it is often difficult to decipher what is real and what is hype! It’s been said that eating raw foods promotes cleansing of the body. You will feel energetic and benefit from the many nutrients available from raw foods. Despite the smoke and mirrors, are there

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Vegan Nut Roast for Christmas?

Check out our festive selections for a vegan nut roast with all the trimmings!! Wow your guests this festive period with one or two of our top 3 nut-roast picks from the web. Also see our top web picks for tasty Christmas sides and delicious desserts. Chestnut & Cashew Nut Roast This “Cashew and Chestnut

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vegan deserts

Our top ten delicious vegan desserts

There is a common misconception that adopting a vegan diet means missing out on all the fun stuff. How wrong is that?!  Having a sweet tooth does not mean you will be deprived as a vegan, in fact there are a plethora of decadent vegan desserts just waiting to be discovered.  Who knew that baking

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Our top ten quick vegan recipes of the web

Maintaining a healthy vegan diet often means preparing food in advance, soaking stuff overnight and shopping ahead of need. However, there are many days when you just need to be able to rustle something up that is quick and easy to do, provides the nutrients you need and last but certainly not least, packs a

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vegan ethical clothing

Vegan ethical clothing

Nowadays there are so many cool options to explore if you don’t want to use animal products. For some, traditional leather, fur, wool and silk can be hard to live without, but vegan options are growing fast and becoming increasingly popular. Many designers and leading brands have recognised the rising demand for these products and

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What is a Vegan?

Veganism Veganism is a lifestyle choice! The practice of veganism is to abstain from the use of animal products, primarily for food, but this can also extend to clothing, furniture and any other material product. Followers of this philosophy are known as vegans and dependent upon their motivations for becoming vegan, follow this practice to

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